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The East African wilderness is home to one of the world's last reservoirs of wildlife, a wide variety of natural habitats; from coral reefs to open grasslands and tropical forests as well as peoples of diverse cultural backgrounds staying both in the rural areas and the modern cosmopolitan cities that defy the picture that most travelers have of Africa. East Africa will continue to confound many and it explains why the Masai Mara Wildebeest's Migration has been named a Masai Mara Seventh Wonder of the World!!


Eco-tourism and Cultural Tours:

For these high value tours we take you to Western Kenya where you interact with the local communities as you help them in their every day chores including fishing on Lake Victoria and

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Special Interest Safaris:

Among these trips are Bwindi Forest Gorilla Tracking in Uganda, White Water Rafting on the River Tana in Kenya, Deep Sea Diving in the Indian Ocean and Big Game Fishing off the shores of East Africa

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Kenya Lodge and Luxury Tented Lodge Safaris:

For those travelers who would rather see Africa in comfort and luxury these more expensive options are available and while accommodation is either in up-market lodges and luxury tented camps

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Beach Holidays:

Some of the richest countries in the world with regard to excellent beach locations and tropical islands are to be found in East Africa. Kenya beaches extents over 500 kilometers of virgin

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Budget Camping Trips:

These cover a variety of discounted safaris to the Masai Mara game reserve, Amboseli NP, Samburu, Mount Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tsavo East and West NPs, Serengeti, Lake Manayara, Ngorongoro wildlife sanctuaries

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Trekking and Mountain Climbing Adventures:

For the outdoors person the adventure of trekking up a snow-peaked tropical mountain with the expectation of bumping into dangerous wildlife at any time is not to be missed. Accompanied

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